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Our proven solution to fighting digital fraud can adapt to the specific nature of the different business sectors covered by our experts. As a well-known French firm in the anti-fraud market, Phonesec holds proven knowledge of End-User, Integrator and Editor fraud problem issues.

Social Engineering Audit


Social Engineering brings together a set of social and digital techniques allowing malicious individuals to get round security measures protecting sensitive information or to usurp user rights.

Your concerns :

  • Find out about the security maturity level for the infrastructure, applications, organisation and processes.
  • Optimise the company’s protection level

Our answers :

Our consultants have defined appropriate, up to date methodologies for information, property and personal security problem issues for all types of organisation regardless of its size, how it is organised, its core business applications and its processes.

They are able to :

  • Guarantee security for the Customer’s business path
  • Measure rules for accessing sensitive data
  • Test the company services’ organisational and functional process security
  • Assess how far security rules are followed

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